Once just a blip on the horizon, Golf360 TV is now a reality. A brand new Golf Television show beginning this July will feature local courses and travel destinations that will take viewers inside courses like no show has done before. 

Some of golf's top teachers will provide in-depth instruction that will save strokes and improve one's game dramatically. Plus there will be extensive looks at the latest and greatest in equipment and apparel. Hosted by Jill Carlson and produced by Dave Lockhart and Chris DeLira on Chicago's #1 sports station, Comcast SportsNet.

"I have worked extensively with the team of Lockhart, DeLira and Carlson and they have always delivered entertaining, informative golf shows. Their programs have always been well-received by our audience, and are a great addition to our Comcast SportsNet lineup." Greg Bowman - Programming Director Comcast SportsNet Chicago

There are a number of advertising and promotional opportunities available for the 2017 season. Contact Dave Lockhart at 312.213.9999, or linksdave@gmail.com.